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Frank Gaffney’s artistry includes beautiful and interesting paintings of a wide array of subjects.  His original works, inspired by scenery, boats, people, animals and still life arrangements, are available for purchase by admirers of his work. Frank also creates meaningful works of art commissioned by his patrons to memorialize special events, people, pets and scenes from their lives. Whether you are interested in his current art or a subject of your choosing, please contact Frank at (425) 697-9090.

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Fresh Off The Easel

As I am a member of the Coast Guard Art Program, I have just turned in my entry for their 2017 Art Collection. I’ll find out in late February if it was accepted. This painting is the result of the my deployment in Hawaii to a 225-foot seagoing buoy tender in 2011. I went out on the ships small boat to get reference photos for this painting.

Teepee’s At Dawn 18”x 36” oil.

Client commissioned this painting as a 2016 Christmas present for his wife. This painting is similar in style and color to the painting he commissioned me to do for last Christmas.

“In Repose” 11 x 14 Oil. Painting from a model.

“Silver Choker” 14 x 11 Oil.

Painted from a model.

“Blue Butterfly” 14 x 11 Oil.

Painted from a model.